Peter LaQuerre - Additional Songs

These are a bunch of additional songs on Bandcamp, as well as some very old songs (typically in MP3 format) available on my Web site server.

Additional Songs on Bandcamp

Minor Crime 04/15/09 Listen on Bandcamp Lyrics
Down a Notch** 02/04/12 Listen on Bandcamp Lyrics Details
Weight on the Pedal 05/05/2013 Listen on Bandcamp Lyrics
Spin Around Slowly 08/06/2016 Listen on Bandcamp  
Fayetteville 06/14/2019 Listen on Bandcamp
Visiting Detroit 06/14/2019 Listen on Bandcamp
Bit of a Stretch 09/16/2015 Listen on Bandcamp Lyrics
Bowstring Lake 06/27/2015 Listen on Bandcamp Lyrics Details
Passion of a Passerby (Remix) 04/28/2013 Listen on Bandcamp Lyrics Details

Every Time I Try*


Listen on Bandcamp Lyrics
Sixty Years 12/11/11 Listen on Bandcamp Lyrics  
Dangerous Wonderings 10/22/2012 Listen on Bandcamp Lyrics

Additional, Even Older MP3 Songs

Wounded Bird**** 05/29/2017 MP3 music file   Details
Mother (Till She Makes You Cry) 09/01/2014 MP3 Download Lyrics
About My Business 09/05/2014 MP3 Download Lyrics
Smile at Me 04/28/12 TBD Lyrics Details

New York City

12/27/09 MP3 Download Lyrics Details
My Cyclone 07/04/12 TBD Lyrics
Blind and Deaf*** 08/13/12 TBD Lyrics
Aborigine 11/24/10 MP3 Stream Lyrics Details

Kodak Super 8


MP3 Stream Lyrics

Recording Details
Mixing Details

**** Songs and Lyrics by Graham Nash, from the album, Songs for Beginners
*** The piano rhythm in Blind and Deaf was composed by Nick LaQuerre; the Taylor acoustic guitar, courtesy of Jim Emmond.


The rock guitar rhythm in Down a Notch was performed by Matthew LaQuerre


The piano solo after the second chorus of Every Time I Try to Understand was composed by Nick LaQuerre.

FAWM Songs

The following are the songs I wrote for the 2020 February Album Writing Month (FAWM). For more information, see

Even Older Songs

Older Songs
More Even Older Songs
Abram and Alice (8/19/07) Winnebago Free
Over Canyons** (04/19/07) Antenna Man
More or Less (12/29/06) Rebecca***
Country Song I Just Can't Imagine
The Stake [MP3 Stream] I Know A Woman
Doughboy Brown [MP3 Stream] Don't Think I Don't Understand
Autumn Town Standing By the Side of the Lake
Jewelry Repair in a Jazz Bar Because I Found You
This Is the Way [MP3 Stream] Photograph of You


The bass line for Over Canyons was arranged and performed by Matthew LaQuerre; the song was inspired by the story of National Football League player and Army Ranger, Pat Tillman.


Rebecca was inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name.


Blasts From the Long-Ago Past

These are even older songs that were written and recorded "a long time ago." Most were created using an acoustic guitar and a Casio CZ-1000 keyboard. They were recorded on a Fostex X-15 4-track cassette recorder. Recently, I converted a bunch of them to MP3 format. Where possible, I tried to remove the tape hiss and other problems.

You Better Start Driving in the Rain
Woman Down the Stairs And Then You Find It [MP3 Stream]
No One's Paying Attention The City of Nice [MP3 Stream]
Love Is Strange See Like Me
Kimberly Ann Enjoy Your Life*
He's a Hard Worker I Want To Tell You
Earth Day, 1990 Let Me See Your Smile* [MP3 Stream]
Grace Under Pressure Live In Isolation


The lyrics for Enjoy Your Life and Let Me See Your Smile were written by Jerri England.


All songs copyright © Peter LaQuerre, 1986-2020