All the Passion of a Passerby – Lyrics

Strolling round this town again
It’s almost quarter after ten
And I’ve yet to find
An old friend

Seems no matter how I try
I can’t find them all this time
They’ve moved on
And why can’t I

Maybe it’s time
I shed my skin
Dug myself out
Of this hole I’m in

Throw me a shovel
And crack the whip
Maybe this time
I won’t trip

Peggy called me on the phone
Her breathy voice is all her own
She brings me back to where
I don’t belong

I met her by the five and dime
I bought her flowers; they looked fine
She smiled sadly
And untied the twine


I woke up one day and the sheets were tangled
All night long my throat was strangled
By the thought that it might pass me by
With all the passion of a passerby

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