New York City – Recording Details

This song started with the drum and piano rhythm. I had just been listening to some Mike Viola songs, including his work with Mandy Moore on her album, Amanda Leigh. There’s a song called Everblue where they play with a deep kick drum/tom with some dark reverb going on in the background. My drum pattern for this song seemed to have a place for that on the 4 count, so I gave it a try.

This was all done before I got my drum kit, so the drum tracks are all MIDI, using the built-in drum sounds in Cubase. I originally played the drum pattern on the keyboard controller and then tweaked it, all using the HalionOne “Dry Standard Kit.” Later, I broke out the MIDI track into separate tracks for snare, hi hat, ride cymbal, kick, low tom, toms on the chorus, and the drum rolls. That way, I could apply separate effects to each when needed. At that point, I also switched the kick drum to use one of the sounds in the “All Kick Drums” HalionOne package.

The horn part is a harmony using the HalionOne “MuteTrpt 2” and “Satin Brass” sounds. I like how the sounds blended, and my slightly inaccurate phrasing while playing the two parts on the keyboard controller gives a realistic edge, I think. Sometimes perfection is not what you’re after.

Vocals were recording using my Shure BG5.1 mic since I hadn’t purchased my new AT4040 at that point. I had to some mixing work to get them to sound as full as I wanted, but in the end I was happy with how with it came out.

I found the crowd effect for the second verse on an old sound effects CD I had purchased a long while back, called “Spectacular Sound Effects.” I panned it left to right as if were going across the stadium.

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