Smile At Me – Lyrics

I don’t care what you might
Say tomorrow
I’m only thinking ’bout

If I had the time I’d
Think about tomorrow
But I’m too busy watching
You today

Looking back across a
Wide river
Water flowing down
To the bay

I want float down on that
Easy water
Turn around and see you
Smile at me

Weekends come and go
They leave you stranded
Grasping for a branch
Before you fall

Sometimes I think that I could
Understand it
If I changed my mind and
went back home
on Monday morning

And on the radio they’re
Talking money
I roll the window down to
Ease my mind

Fresh air blowing ‘cross the
Fine upholstry
Here comes the exit ramp, it’s
Time to choose
Come on, baby,
Smile at me

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