Down a Notch – Details

* Main rhythm Guitar (panned a bit left) – Performed by guest studio musician, Matt LaQuerre, who played the driving rhythm guitar throughout this song. Matt’s track was recorded using a Shure SM57 up against his Orange crate amp. I believe all the effects were via the Orange amp itself–no pedals were used. I also used a small condenser mic a few feet back just to add a track gave a little ambience.

* Additional rhythm Guitar (panned right) – same recording technique as Matt’s guitar, but I was playing my ASAT Classic through my Fender Blues Junior. I used custom affect on my Digitech RP200 pedal.

* Bass guitar –Performed this track on my Yamaha RBX 170, recorded direct into Cubase, via my FireStudio Project interface and pre-amp.

* Organ fill – Used the Classic Rock Drawbars patch in the Halion Sonic SE software synth that comes with Cubase.

* Punky synth lead on bridge: Autobahn synth lead patch in Sonic SE

* Lead guitar: Used a custom patch on my RP200 pedal, but also applied some compression using the built-in “Compression” plugin in Cubase. Pretty heavy compression, but I like how it cut through and gave it a sharp attack.

* Drums: Recorded live, and played by me on my TAMA StageStar kit, using two CAD CM217 overhead condenser mics, a new Shure SM57 on the snare, an Audio Technica AE2500 in the kick drum, and a Shure BG 5.1 to pick up the toms. This time I also added my AT4040, positioned center, in front, and back about three feet. I think it added a bit of punch to the high toms.

* Vocals: AT4040 main vocal, line – a simple verse harmony, and several tracks of building vocals on the bridge.

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