Piper Tri-Pacer – Lyrics

In the far reaches of the airport
Where the tarmac turns to dust
There’s an old Piper Tri-pacer
Who’s steel frame is starting to rust

Her fabric is worn
And her colors are gone
It’s faded like someone
Grown old

But she’s pushing against
The tie down ropes
And it looks like
She wants to roll

I’m going to buy that plane
I’m going to fix her up right
I’m going to point her down the runway

And we’re going to fly
Over the ocean
Banking to the left and right
We’re gonna see the world

Why would you wait
For another day

When a hill of high pressure
Exposed the blue sky
And beckoned for someone
To go for a ride

And why is it so
Clear in my mind

I pull on the throttle
And the Lycoming wakes
The prop starts to spin
And I feel the seat shake

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